Microsoft Excel Features and Concepts that Everyone (Including Developers) Should Know

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Beginner Level

Basic Definitions:

Ribbon Tabs (the top green bar):

Worksheet Tabs (bottom section of the document):

Data Types:

Format Cells:

Main Math Formulas:


Text Alignments:

Basic Computations:

Control + Z:

Control + Arrows:

Excel Shortcuts:

Intermediate Level

Rounding Decimal Numbers:

Find and Select (and Replace):

Add or Remove:

Hiding and Un-Hiding Columns:

Swapping Columns:


Flash Fill:

Text File Importation:

Save As:

Insert Tabular Table:

Data Filters:


Alt + Enter:


Remove Duplicates:

Clear Content vs. Delete:

Freeze Panes:

Making the Same Change Across Worksheets:

Conditional formatting:

Advanced Level

Text to Columns (button in ‘Data’ within Ribbon Tab):

Create and Manipulate Charts or Graphs:

Pivot Tables:


Absolute and Relative Cell References:

Expert Level


VBA Programming:

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Should You Buy an Online Course to learn Excel?

How can I showcase my Excel skills?


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