Sometimes Creating New Data Is Your Best Choice

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When it comes to data sourcing — the process of obtaining structured or unstructured information, creating a new dataset might be more efficient than using someone else’s data. Why? Because you’ll have both, an original and a unique dataset. Don’t get me wrong, using data from other sources is great and necessary depending on what you are doing. However, if you want to develop data analytics skills and critical-thinking abilities, it’s better for you to create your project from scratch.

Using data from an external source might include downloading it from a third-party, requesting it through an API or using…

This is a Tricky Career Path since the Job Title May Imply Many Things

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The title data analyst is difficult to describe because every company or industry will have its own definition about the role itself, therefore requirements listed in the job description will vary too. Please be aware that a data analyst might be similar to a business analyst, financial analyst, research analyst, or any other variant with the word ‘analyst’. The following requirements are not exclusively technical, there are some other qualities and attributes that are also taken in consideration by potential employers. What most data analyst positions have in common when it comes to minimum requirements are the following:

  • Degree in…


There are Different Ways to Get Datasets and Get Creative

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If you are looking to become a Data Analyst or Data Engineer/Scientist, you will most likely or unavoidably need to create projects of your own and show case your work on Github (it’s free). A difficult aspect when planning these type of project is to find your dataset(s). Think about a topic that interests you the most and then you start searching! If you are a job seeker, ideally you should come up with something that is associated with the type of industry that you want to get into.

There are different formats in which data gets stored, therefore datasets…


Your Job Title Doesn’t Necessarily Have to be Software Engineer for you to Code at Work

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You might be thinking that only software engineers, programmers, or data scientists are the only individuals that get to work with programming languages but that’s not always true. Some employers look for candidates with coding skills or at least a decent level of knowledge of certain programming languages. In this blog post, I won’t go too much into detail when it comes to explaining what the essential tools for these positions are since every company defines its job titles differently and has distinct business requirements. …

You Might Think It’s All About Programming & Building Features But That’s Not Always the Case

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Being a software developer will certainly be challenging, however it’s not necessarily coding or attempting to master every tool and latest technology out there that will make your job more difficult. My goal in this blog post is to create awareness and not to discourage the reader. The following bullet points will describe the non-technical challenges of being a developer, programmer or software engineer:

  • Not knowing how things get done. When you arrive to a new company, chances are that you will certainly have to get familiar with your new work environment. This will be even more challenging when the…

Self-Taught Route

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There are a few Unix and Git commands that everyone in the Tech Industry eventually comes across at some point. If you are reading this article, I’m assuming that you just started as a junior developer or pursuing to become a software engineer, and you know what the command line is.

Possibly every software development project (even personal projects) will require you to open your computer’s terminal and run these commands. When it comes to Git commands you’ll probably have to know the main ones in order to deploy your projects and collaborate with other developers. …

Self-Taught Route

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Society has taught us that part of being successful implies obtaining high grades and doing well in school. I’m here to tell you to relax! If you are a currently majoring in Engineering, Computer Science, Math or any other Science, I want to let you know that as long as you are not pursuing a career in Academia or an advanced degree, you shouldn’t feel too bad if your GPA is not that impressive due to C’s or occasional D’s.

You are not less intelligent just because you didn’t do well on some final exam. If you graduated recently, it…

Self-Taught Route

Photo by Per Lööv on Unsplash is an online platform that allows individuals with all sorts of technical skills (not only software development) to apply and possibly find online gigs.

There are several similar freelancing platforms such as Upwork, Fiverr, etc. where ANYONE can create a profile and offer services online. As a result, there is way too much competition for low-cost gigs offered by clients that are looking for cheap labor. Why cheap labor? These platforms typically promote themselves as being low-cost third parties. Even if you find a gig as a freelancer this might not be monetarily convenient for you.

If you are…

Self-Taught Route

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Typically, online courses are excellent investments since these will help you improve your skillset in software development. However, there are some tools that you can certainly learn on your own with the help of YouTube tutorials or the internet and certainly DO NOT require the guidance of a course. The goal of this article is to save you time and money!

Overall, if you barely started considering software development as a possible career path, and are not sure which direction to follow, I would suggest you avoid buying any type of learning material until you figure out which path you…

Self-Taught Route

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Excel is probably one of the most common tools used in the workplace. As a software developer, you might never have to deal with Excel but you never know! Thus, spreadsheet knowledge and experience will always benefit you. Let’s be honest, the most commonly used aspects of Excel are not too hard to learn nor very time consuming to grasp.

If you are not a developer, but still looking for a job in which Microsoft Excel is a prerequisite, and you are wondering what the main things of this program are, then you should read the following outline. The goal…

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